British envoy urges Sudan’s junta to avoid use of violence

(KHARTOUM) � The United Kingdom Ambassador to Sudan Irfan Siddiq met with the deputy head of the Military Transition Council to request not to use violence against civilians.

The meeting took place after reports about an attempt on Monday by the army forces to break up the 10-day sit-in outside the army headquarters.

In a twit he posted on Monday, Ifran said his meeting with Lt Gen Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, (aka Hametti) does not mean to endorse or confer legitimacy.

But to stress steps (that the) UK wants to see taken to improve the situation in Sudan. (The) top request was no violence and no attempt to forcibly break the sit-in, he stressed.

The protesters say they are resolved to not end their protest until the full power's handover to a civilian government formed by the Freedom and Change forces.

In a joint statement issued on Sunday with the two other countries of the Troika: the U.S. and Norway, the UK urged the military council to hand over power to civilians.

"It is vital that the authorities listen to the calls from the Sudanese people. Most pressingly, the continuing peaceful protests must not be met with violence from any quarter," said the Toika.

"Sudan needs an orderly transition to civilian rule leading to elections in a reasonable time frame," they further stressed.

Hametti met with the U.S. Charge d'affaires who informed him of the Troika's call.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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