Brexit Briefing: What Brexit Means Brexit Means – At A Glance

A Message From Gabriele

So, Britain wants a great deal with open trade in goods and services while controlling EU immigration. David Davis, the minister in charge of negotiating Brexit, said the EU has a long-term interest in granting the U.K. tariff-free access to the single market. That may be true, but there’s the trickier question of services to think about.

Jackie Ashley in the Guardian worries that Ms.May is giving comfort to “hard-line cabinet Brexiteers.”

Also, other people get a say. Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s economy minister and head of the center-left SPD, warned that the U.K. shouldn’t receive too sweet a deal when it leaves the EU. If organized badly, the EU could be in deep trouble, he said.

In a paper for the Bruegel think tank and the Brexit blog of the London School of Economics, five experts argue that a vindictive response would damage both sides and that the U.K. and the EU will have to find a way to work closely together. Jean Pisani-Ferry, Norbert Röttgen, André Sapir, Paul Tucker and Guntram B Wolff argue that the world’s major powers will be big economies with large populations. “Of the EU’s three largest countries, Germany, France and Britain, none can be confident of having a place at the new top table,” they write.

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