Bread prices in South Kordofan increased amid Sudan’s rising inflation

Bakery owners in Delling, South Kordofan, raised the price of a loaf from SDG 8* to SDG 10 yesterday due to the rising production costs. Bread prices have now increased in various parts of Sudan amid rising inflation.

Sources told Radio Dabanga that a meeting was organised yesterday, which included the Bakeries Union and the Committee for Monitoring and Distribution of Flour, after most of the bakeries in town had stopped baking bread due to the rising cost of sugar. The price of sugar rose from SDG 170 per kilo to SDG 210 per kilo.

On the same day, bakery owners in El Obeid, North Kordofan, went on strike for the third day to demand that bread subsidies will be increased to SDG 10 to account for the rising costs of electricity and fuel.

Mohamed Ahmed, a leader from the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), told Radio Dabanga that the Economic Committee from the FFC has rejected this demand.

The Blue Nile state and River Nile state have also witnessed various protests against rising bread prices and bread shortages. Many of these price increases are the result of the recent rising inflation in Sudan. Earlier this month, power fees were for example increased by 500 per cent.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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