Bosnian and Herzegovinian film days kick off with award-winning film ‘Full Moon’

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Film Days began on Monday night its second edition, screening Nermin Hamzagic's 2019 award-winning film "Full Moon" in the outdoor amphitheater of the Royal Film Commission. The film tells the tale of a Bosnian police inspector, who is called in by his boss to cover a night's shift at the station. The film's characters are a cross-section of the problems, divisions and injustices of this particular Balkan country. The film won five awards including Best Actor and the FIPRESCI Prize, at the 2021 PriFest - Prishtina International Film Festival and was also nominated for two other awards. The screenings, which are organized by the commission in cooperation with the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Jordan, will feature over the next two days other long drama films with English subtitles, including the 2022 film "A Ballad," directed by Aida Begic and the 2017 film "Men Don't Cry," directed by Alen Drljevic.

Source: Jordan News Agency