Blue Nile AFC launch ‘enlightenment and sports’ programmes for Ramadan

On Tuesday, the Alliance for Freedom and Change (AFC) in Ed Damazin in Blue Nile state launched enlightenment and sports programmes at the sit-in field in order to activate the revolutionary work during the fasting month of Ramadan.

A leader of the AFC in Ed Damazin told Radio Dabanga that the programmes include breakfast in the sit-in place as well as political lectures and sports activities.

He explained that the programmes were distributed among the various district committees and group gatherings.

He pointed out that the start-up yesterday was designed to revive the revolution, while today the would be a gathering among the doctors and pharmacists syndicate.

The sit-in El Obeid in North Kordofan witnessed large crowds coming from various districts in support of the protesters in front of the Fifth Infantry Division.

Osman Hassan, a leader of the AFC, told Radio Dabanga that the sit-in of the is continuing alongside launching of meetings of the AFC with the acting governor of the state related to local demands, including the media and the problems of bread and fuel crises.

He pointed to an influx of masses to sit-in place especially in the evening.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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