Bakhti Belaïb “Scofflaw importers won’t return to Algeria as long as I am Minister!”

Bakhti Belaïb “Scofflaw importers won’t return to Algeria as long as I am Minister!”

Taking the floor on Monday during a broad-based meeting in Algiers with exporters activating in the pharmaceutical industry, household appliances and foodstuffs as part of the export operations’ monitoring unit, the Trade Minister Bakhti Belaïb stated that he would be ruthless against defrauding importers stressing that he wouldn’t allow any of them to return to Algeria as long as he is Minister.

“These dishonest importers who have used and abused false invoices for illegally transferring huge sums in foreign currency abroad imported large quantities of low-quality goods and sold them cheaply on the domestic market thus jeopardizing national production by their antinational maneuvers, will brought to justice if they were to put their feet back in Algeria”, the trade Minister hammered.

Furthermore, the adaptation to the Association Agreement with the European Union (EU), currently under revamping, will be fundamental to Algeria in its accession process to the World Trade Organization (WTO), said Mr Bakhti Belaïb.

According to the Minister, the accession to the WTO has no interest for Algeria nowadays, saying that the projected adaptation to the association agreement will boost Algeria’s stand in the ongoing negotiations for its accession to the WTO.

Algeria, which has submitted its first application for accession to this organization, which currently represents 98% of world trade, will continue its process but must first assimilate the rules of the WTO. 

To date, Algeria which has conducted 12 rounds of multilateral negotiations, has already dealt with more than 1,900 questions related to the national economic system.

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