At least 17 dead after clashes in Sudan’s White Nile State

The death toll from the clashes in the White Nile state has risen. The clashes that erupted on Sunday between local residents and South Sudanese militiamen in the border area of El Mogeines have now left 17 dead and more than 20 injured.

Two more people were killed and another wounded on Wednesday, a resident told Radio Dabanga from El Mogeines.

“A group of armed men opened fire at farmers while they were working on their land. A woman named Halima was killed instantly. Hawa and El Zein Abu Koura were seriously injured. El Zein died not much later” the resident explained.

He further explained that these victims are seasonal workers belonging to the El Seleem Belel tribe living in the area of Kilo 10, east of El Mogeines.

Another resident reported that the total death toll from the violent incidents between Sunday and Wednesday has now reached 17, including two women, while the number of injured exceeds 20.

He said that the security situation in the area remains critical and aid organisations have not arrived to help the displaced so far. “Most of the area’s residents who fled the violence are still camping in the open, without food or shelter.”

On Tuesday, Sheikh El Reyeh, a relative of one of the victims, attributed the events to a dispute between people living in the area and members of a South Sudanese militia over a water well near El Mogeines, in El Salam locality.

Source: Radio Dabanga