Assistant of the President Addresses Inaugural Sitting of First Environmental Conference

Khartoum, March. 12 (SUNA) - Assistant of the President of the Republic, Brig. Abdul-Rahman Al-Saddiq Al-Mahdi, pointed out that the climate changes have become a challenge facing the whole world .
Addressing the first Environmental Conference for Establishing the Shelterbelt in Khartoum State Saturday at Coral Hotel, the Assistant of the President has called on the developed countries to abide their pledges to help the developing and the less developing countries combat the increasing negative impacts of the climate change .
Brig. Al-Mahdi said that importance of the conference emanates from the native impacts caused by the climate change and the resulting factors and additional challenges that are confronting the whole world in general and the less developing countries .
He said that Sudan is currently facing great challenges resulting from the increasing negative impacts of the of the climate change phenomenon, such as drought, fluctuated rainfall, high temperatures, desertification.
He said that Sudan looks forward for confronting all the environmental challenges in the future in the fields of water, food and energy, stressing the importance of guaranteeing the right of the coming generations for benefiting from the renewable natural resources that shall be exploited in a way which is more sustainable .
Brig. Al-Mahdi affirmed that Sudan has adopted all the required measures and the institutional frameworks and approved all the laws and legislations on forests, pastures and other natural resources, indicating that Sudan is working seriously to modernize these laws to cope with the social, economic and environmental developments .
The Assistant of the President has asserted the commitment to implementation of the country's strategic and developmental plans and the international agreements and conventions for combating the degradation of resources, enhancing the capability to face the climate change and the sectoral strategic plans for development and conservation of the natural resources sector.
Brig. Al-Mahdi has appreciated the support being extended by the UN organizations and the international community in the various environment spheres .
He also praised the efforts of the Ministry of Environment and the Higher Council for Environment and Urban and Rural Promotion of Khartoum State .
He said that Sudan looks forward for more support in the fields of environment, climate change and the enhancing the energies .

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