Anyuak-Murle peace conference concludes in Pochalla

A 3-day peace conference between the representatives of the Murle and Anyuak communities concluded in Pochalla County of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) Thursday, with resolutions aimed at ending cattle raids and child abduction.
“The conference was aimed at bringing peace among the four tribes of Greater Pibor—the Anyuak, the Jie, the Kachipo and the Murle. From the side of the Anyuak, many issues were raised. For peace to prevail, we need child abduction, raiding of cows, killing of people on the roads and farms to be stopped,” Charles Welo, a lawmaker representing Pochalla County in the national legislative assembly told Radio Tamazuj.
Ochudho Ochan, the acting Pochalla County commissioner, said the conference was fruitful and that the Murle community had agreed to return abducted Anyuak children.
“From 2010 to date, 66 children have been abducted. We demanded those children be returned. The Murle people say they will work with their chiefs to return the abducted children,” Ochan said.
For his part, Lokali Amae, a lawmaker from Pibor County in GPAA applauded the conference, expressing the Murle commitment to ending the recurring violence in the region.
“On January 10, a conference among the Murle people alone will be held in Pibor. In that conference, we will find and return the Murle children we have. My message to all leaders of Greater Jonglei is that let us accept peace,” Lokali said.
The Pochalla peace event was organized by the Greater Pibor chief administrator, Joshua Konyi. It was attended by more than 50 participants.

Source: Radio Tamazuj