Answer – Steel – E-001835/2016

The Commission is looking into the various implications of the expiration on 11 December 2016 of certain provisions of the Protocol on Accession of China to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) relating to the treatment of China in anti-dumping investigations.

Three basic options being analysed by the Commission in the impact assessment are: (i) no change in EU legislation; (ii) removing China from the list of non-market economy countries without further conditions and; (iii) removing China from this list while at the same time introducing a number of accompanying measures.

Stakeholders could express their views in the framework of the public consultation open until 20 April and the Commission also organised a stakeholder conference on 17 March and a meeting with social partners on 15 April.

The findings of the impact assessment will support the Commission’s decision making. Any change to the methodology to calculate dumping would require an amendment of the basic anti-dumping Regulation(1) through ordinary legislative procedure involving the European Parliament and the Council.

(1) Regulation No 1225/2009.

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