Answer – Safeguarding the EU's commercial interests if China is granted market economy status – E-000395/2016

The Commission is looking into the various implications of the expiration in December 2016 of certain provisions of the Protocol on Accession of China to the World Trade Organisation relating to the treatment of China in anti-dumping investigations.

The Commission is analysing three basic options concerning the way forward: not to change the EU legislation; to remove China from the list of non-market economy countries without further conditions and; to remove China from this list while at the same time introducing accompanying measures. These three options are being duly assessed in the framework of the impact assessment launched on 10 February 2016 and which includes a public consultation. This in-depth examination will include an analysis per sector and taking into account differences across Member States, in particular the potential impact on jobs. The findings of the impact assessment shall help the Commission take a decision on the way forward.

The Commission has mainstreamed industrial competitiveness into all of its key initiatives like the Single Market Strategy, the Digital Single Market and the Investment Plan for Europe. Furthermore, under Horizon 2020 we will invest over EUR 650 million in innovative industrial demonstration projects, at least EUR 100 billion of European Structural and Investment Funds is available to regions to finance support for industry and SMEs(1) in smart specialisation strategies.

(1) Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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