Answer – Resumption of dialogue with Russia on the health embargo covering pigs – E-014142/2015

In April 2014, following the introduction by Russia of an EU wide ban on import of live pigs, pork and other pig products, the Commission initiated a dispute in the World Trade Organisation (WTO). In EU’s view, this import ban is inconsistent with several provisions of WTO law, violating the principle that safe trade in the products at issue from areas not affected by African Swine Fever should be allowed. In contacts with the Russian authorities, the Commission stressed its readiness to engage in a meaningful dialogue. The Commission remains open to discuss with the Russian authorities an EU-wide solution, in line with the OIE and WTO principles, that would allow for the resumption of trade in pigs and pig products, notably on modifications found necessary of the existing EU-Russia export certificates.

In the meantime, the WTO dispute is running its course and the independent panel report is expected in spring 2016.

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