Answer – Potential repercussions for the ceramic sector of granting China market economy status – E-000143/2016

The Commission is currently looking into the various implications, legal, economic, as well as political, of the expiration of certain provisions of the Protocol of accession of China to the World Trade Organisation relating to the treatment of China in anti-dumping investigations. In this process, the possible economic and employment effects of different policy options will be analysed carefully.

The Commission is conducting an in-depth impact assessment, including a public consultation, to duly assess the options. This in-depth examination will include an analysis per sector taking into account differences across Member States, including in particular the potential impact on jobs.

The ceramic industry is one of the sectors with the highest number of jobs directly affected by anti-dumping measures on goods originating in China. The Commission remains committed to maintaining a strong anti-dumping instrument to protect the European industry from unfair trade.

Products on the EU market must already comply with EU environmental rules.

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