Answer – Opening up the public procurement markets in the context of the TTIP negotiations – E-004017/2016

Access to US public procurement markets continues to be a key priority for the EU in the ongoing negotiations for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). In line with the joint EU-US objective set out by the High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth (HLWG), the Commission aims to increase EU companies’ opportunities in US procurement markets at all levels of Government and on the basis of National Treatment.

In light of the foregoing, a first exchange of market access offers took place in February 2016. In order to match the high level of ambition as agreed in the HLWG, further market access offers will still need to be exchanged. Apart from discussing market access, the negotiations cover also discussions on rules to be applied by procuring entities concerned. The starting point in this regard is the World Trade Organisation Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) to which both the EU and the US are signatories. During the 13th negotiation round in New York in April 2016, constructive discussions focused on these text provisions with a view to make progress on the consolidated text by the 14th negotiation round. Discussions on market access continue in parallel.

The study referred to by the Honourable Member is the impact assessment for the International Procurement Instrument (IPI) of March 2012. A new impact assessment is currently not envisaged. However, the Commission regularly updates the statistics on EU government procurement in line with its reporting obligations under the GPA. EU statistics on the contracts accessible to the GPA parties for 2012 have been recently communicated to the GPA Committee and will be made publicly available on the WTO website.

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