Answer – New plant-safety rules imposed by Canada – E-007939/2016

Canada has informed its trading partners, via a World Trade Organisation sanitary and phytosanitary notification (G/SPS/N/CAN/808), about upcoming changes related to its phytosanitary import requirements to prevent the introduction of Lobesia botrana (European grapevine moth).

The Commission has recently been informed by European producers about the possible negative effects on EU exports of certain fruits due to these new Canadian import requirements. The Commission has immediately raised this issue with Canada with a view to finding a solution on this matter.

The Commission will continue to follow-up with Canada on this matter, based on information provided by EU businesses and Member States concerned. While the new trade agreement with Canada does not prevent parties from taking justified phytosanitary measures, it contains several provisions related to plant health that could be used to find appropriate solutions on plant health-related trade barriers so as to ensure they are not more trade restrictive than necessary.

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