Answer – Market economy status for China – E-004236/2016

The Commission takes a due note of the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on 12 May 2016, which states that the level of State influence on the economy does not allow to qualify China as market economy and therefore the EU should continue to apply a non-standard methodology for calculating dumping margins in its anti-dumping investigations.

The Commission continues its assessment of whether and, if so, how the EU should change the treatment of China in anti-dumping investigations after certain provisions of the Protocol on Accession of China to the World Trade Organisation expire on 11 December 2016. An impact assessment must be completed before the Commission can conclude its analysis. This exercise is in its very final stage.

The Commission is analysing three basic options: not to change the EU legislation; to remove China from the list of non-market economy countries without further conditions; to remove China from this list while at the same time introducing a number of accompanying measures.

Any change to the methodology to calculate dumping would require an amendment of the basic anti-dumping Regulation(1) through ordinary legislative procedure involving the European Parliament and the Council.

(1) Regulation No 1225/2009.

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