Answer – Import restrictions planned for 2016 in Argentina – E-014722/2015

The EU, together with its co-complainants, the United States and Japan, successfully challenged Argentina’s import restrictions at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The reasonable period of time for implementing the panel and Appellate Body rulings ended on 31 December 2015.

The Argentinian government has claimed to have discontinued the trade restrictive requirements, to have repealed the Advance Sworn Import Declaration procedure, and to have adopted resolutions establishing new import monitoring and licensing systems.

The new import monitoring system (SIMI — Sistema Integrado de Monitoreo de Importaciones), whose details are still being crafted by the Argentinean government, allegedly aims at facilitating the exchange of information and monitoring of the import process from inception to customs clearance. The new licensing system appears to be non-automatic with respect to the importation of a certain number of goods.

The Commission expects full implementation by Argentina of the rulings and is carefully analysing the new measures to determine whether they are sufficient to bring Argentina into full compliance with WTO rules.

The Commission is in favour of regular dialogue on trade matters with Argentina with a view to ensuring that Argentina’s trade policies are in compliance with WTO rules and do not represent an undue obstacle for EU exporters.

The Commission strongly welcomes the commitment expressed by the new government, which took office on 10 December, to a more open trade policy and to compliance with Argentina’s international obligations and looks forward to working together with the government towards these aims.

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