Answer – Granting China market economy status – E-005430/2016

The Commission is well aware of the results of the counter-consultation to which the Honourable Members refer. The Commission also has also taken due account of the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on 12 May 2016.

The Commission held on 20 July 2016 an orientation debate regarding the issue including on a possible change of the methodology to calculate dumping in trade defence investigations. The Commission agreed that the EU must have trade defence instruments that can deal with the current realities in the international trading environment, notably existing overcapacities, while respecting the EU’s international obligations in the legal framework of the World Trade Organisation.

The Commission will revert to the matter and table a proposal before the end of 2016. This proposal will be accompanied by an impact assessment analysing potential impacts including of jobs of the various options. Such proposal will be subject to the ordinary legislative procedure with full involvement of the European Parliament and the Member States.

In the meantime, progress can and should be made to strengthen the existing trade defence instruments. The Commission called on Member States to move swiftly in the adoption of the proposal tabled in 2013 to modernise the EU’s trade defence instruments. This step would speed up anti-dumping and anti-subsidy procedures and would allow the Commission to impose higher duties in certain circumstances.

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