Answer – European business awards – E-006297/2016

The European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) explicitly focus on companies that make the best progress on green growth, thereby supporting pioneers at the forefront of eco-innovation. As this award is already covering a number of areas (notably management, product and services, process, and international business cooperation) and is well recognised, the Commission has currently no intention to expand or change its scope. However, the Commission is using other separate instruments to recognise and support companies that operate successfully in different policy areas.

Regarding tourism promotion, the Commission supports Member States in selecting and promoting sustainable non-traditional tourism destinations through European Destinations of Excellence Awards(1). No other European awards are foreseen specifically for tourism businesses as a number of awards exist at global level already. The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) implements several award schemes(2), such as the Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism or the UNWTO Ethics Award addressed to tourism companies and trade associations that have demonstrated excellence in the implementation of the principles of the Global Code of Ethics of Tourism(3) within their business operations and Corporate Social Responsibility practices.

The Commission has currently no plans for a business award scheme for employment promotion.


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