Answer – EU-China summit and market economy status for China – E-006066/2016

At the outcome of the EU-China Summit, European Council President Tusk, Commission President Juncker and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang agreed to set up a bilateral platform on steel to address the issue of overcapacity in the sector and to evaluate its effects on the EU markets. They concurred that the platform should have a broad mandate so as to cover all relevant issues, including subsidies and other forms of support as well as monitoring and verification of commitments in relation to excess capacity.

This complements other efforts by the Commission as it keeps delivering on its action plan for addressing the overcapacity issue in the steel sector(1).

Concerning the consequences of the expiry of certain provisions in the Protocol on Accession of China to the World Trade Organisation on 11 December 2016, the Commission held an orientation debate on 20 July 2016 regarding a possible change of the methodology to calculate dumping in trade defence investigations.

The Commission must make sure that Europe has trade defence instruments that can deal with the current realities — notably existing overcapacities — in the international trading environment, while respecting the EU’s international obligations in the World Trade Organisation legal framework. In the future, the Commission will therefore also be in a position to address unfair trading practices by third countries including China, thereby also protecting employment in Europe. The Commission intends to table a corresponding legislative proposal later in 2016. Such a proposal will be submitted to the European Parliament and the Council for adoption in the ordinary legislative procedure.


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