Answer – China's market economy status – E-000272/2016

The following measures are currently in force against dumped/subsidised products originating in China: Chemical and allied (13), Electronics (2), Iron and steel (14), Other (11), Other mechanical engineering (6), Other metals (6), Textiles and allied (1), Wood and paper (3). The total of anti-dumping/anti-subsidy measures against China is: 56 (51 anti-dumping cases and 5 anti-subsidy cases). Recently, the Commission imposed two additional provisional anti-dumping measures: High fatigue performance rebars from China and Cold Rolled Flat Steel from China and Russia. Finally, every new complaint brought will be examined thoroughly.

The Commission is looking into the various implications of the expiration in December 2016 of certain provisions of the Protocol of accession of China to the World Trade Organisation relating to the treatment of China in anti-dumping investigations. The Commission is analysing three basic options concerning the way forward: not to change the EU legislation; to remove China from the list of non-market economy countries without further conditions; to remove China from this list while at the same time introducing mitigating measures. The Commission is conducting a full impact assessment, including a public consultation, to duly assess these options.

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