Another general resigns from Sudan’s TMC

(KHARTOUM) - General Mustafa Mohamed Mustafa, a member of the Sudanese military council, resigned from his post on Thursday.

Details of the resignation of the former director of military intelligence have not been made public. But Mustafa was seen as the last Islamist within the Transitional Military Council (TMC).

His resignation, also, comes amid conflicting statements from members of the military junta about the arrest of former security chief Salah Gosh and his whereabouts.

Recently, TMC members kept silent and refused to comment after reports that Gosh was free and that a force charged with guarding his residence in Khartoum refused to allow the police to enter and conduct a search operation as part of corruption cases against him.

Since the 12 April, six TMC Islamist members have resigned.

The military council had accepted the resignation of three Islamist generals, including the chairman of the political committee, after increasing public pressure on the council and accusations they were carrying out the agenda of the Islamic movement. They were keen to involve forces allied with the National Congress Party in the transitional period arrangements.

The generals who resigned on 30 April, are Omer Zain al-Abidin al-Sheikh, Jalal al-Din al-Sheikh al-Tayeb, and al-Tayeb Babikir Ali.

The First Vice-President and Minister of Defence Awad Ibn Ouf, Chief of Staff Kamal Abdel-Maarouf and Director of the Security Service Salah Gosh on April 12, 24 hours after the overthrow of the Bashir regime.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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