Alborz Province-Ukraine trade exchanges to improve

Addressing a working group session on developing non-oil exports on Sunday, Director General of Alborz Industry, Mine and Trade Organization Iraj Movaffaq added that if visa-free travels are approved, merchants from the two countries will visit the other country.

Referring to holding the Iranian exhibition in Ukraine, Movaffaq said that over 65 companies participated in it and several memoranda of understanding were signed during the event.

Two other memoranda of understanding were also inked with two governors general of Ukraine by which two teams will visit Alborz province for exploring further cooperation, he said.

He put the rate of exports to Ukraine at $66 million in 2012, saying that the figure was declined because China met its needs while Alborz has had raw materials the country needed.

Given Alborz province’s capacities, it is seeking to export medicine to Ukraine, he said, noting that the province is home to the country’s only pharmaceutical township.

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