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Al-Hilu’s SPLM-N has nothing to do with Blue Nile tribal violence

The SPLM-N led by Abdel-Aziz al-Hilu rejected accusations made by the Governor of the Blue Nile Region about the group’s involvement in the recent tribal violence in the area.

Speaking on Thursday to Sudan Tribune, Ahmed Alomda the Blue Nile Governor said that foreign parties and the SPLM-N al-Hilu were involved in the inter-communal attacks that took place in the region, earlier this month.

“The Movement has nothing to do with the ongoing conflict between the ethnic components in any part of the country,” Mohamed Youssif al-Mustafa, an SPLM-N Hilu leadership member told Sudan Tribune in response to Alomda.

Youssif further accused Malik Agar the leader of the signatory SPLM-N, members of “the coup council” and the governor of causing troubles in the Blue Nile region.

“They are the ones who stir up strife, impoverish the poor, steal other people’s bounties, and create injustice everywhere,” he added.

Al-Mustafa called on the governor of the Blue Nile to show courage and disclose the names of those involved in the eruption of the conflict in the Blue Nile.

On July 14, a bloody conflict erupted between Funj and Hausa tribes in several areas of the southeastern part of Sudan after the latter’s demand to establish a chiefdom in the region.

Over 79 people were killed and 199 others injured, according to the Federal Ministry of Health.

The Attorney General formed a committee to investigate the inter-communal violence in the area where the government fought the SPLM-N for long years.

However, the armed group split into two factions in 2017, one in the Blue Nile led by Agar and the second in South Kordofan under the leadership of al-Hilu with supporters in the first.

Source: Sudan Tribune


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