Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has stressed that African people are mature and are capable of resolving their differences among themselves, without any foreign intervention, saying the untapped resources of the continent have been the cause behind the greed of other countries and international corporations to use these resources.

Addressing members of the African Political Parties Council here Sunday, he said African political parties have a huge role to play in the political life of the continent

The presidency hosted a banquet in honor of the visiting delegations to the African Parties' Council meeting which was attended by ministers and officials.

The president underlined the need for African political parties to work for the unity of the people of the continent, saying if the continent unites economically and militarily it would surpass many others in the world.

The president said it was imperative for all to work for resolving African conflicts and differences which are a source for wasting Africa's riches and the energy of Africa's youth.

He said Sudan backs the council to carry out its role of bringing African people and countries closer together to boost unity and co-operation among African countries in all fields.

Source: NAM News Network

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