African Union threatens to suspend Sudan after coup

CAIRO The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU) has threatened to suspend Sudan in the wake of last week's coup, calling on the military to hand over power to a transitional civilian-led political authority, reported Sputnik news agency.

The council demanded that the Sudanese military step aside and hand over power to a transitional civilian-led political authority, in accordance with the will of the people and constitutional order, within a maximum period of fifteen days from the date of the adoption of the present communique [Monday], according to the text.

The council warned that the failure to fulfill this request would lead to the automatic application of the Article 7 of its protocol, in particular the suspension of the participation of Sudan in all AU's activities until the restoration of constitutional order.

Last December, protests over a hike in bread prices erupted in Sudan and later escalated into nationwide demonstrations calling on President Omar Bashir to resign and end his 30-year rule.

On April 11, Sudanese Defense Minister Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf announced that Bashir had been detained and a transitional military council had been established to govern the country for the next two years.


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