A Sudanese Foreign Minister Arrives in Warsaw, First Time since Seventies

In the context of   his round tour to a number of EU countries minister of foreign affairs Ibrahim arrives Poland today (Friday) and met his Polish counterpart Witold Waszazykowskit, ministry of foreign affairs statement has said. The ministry statement highlights that Ghandour has stressed the importance of Poland   to Sudan citing historic economic ties between the two countries. He emphasizes that his visit represents beginning kickoff of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.. During the meeting, Ghandour and Witold Waszczykowski agreed on the need to further develop economic cooperation between Poland and Sudan, especially on agriculture, food processing, mineral mining, power, industry, and infrastructural investments. The process of further strengthening diplomatic presence of Poland in Khartoum and of Sudan in Warsaw was also agreed upon.

Addressing the domestic situation in Sudan, the ministers expressed hope the national dialogue will be successful and the political process, which should be accompanied by a ceasefire, would be continued. During the meeting, the ministers also discussed the political and security situation in the Horn of Africa, Libya and the Red Sea region, as well as the conflict in Syria and Ukraine.

The meeting agenda also included migration and the Khartoum Process. Ghandour drew attention to the fact that Sudan was prepared to cooperate in countering illegal migration, human smuggling and trafficking, and to consolidate Sudanese capabilities to receive refugees. “Poland and Europe are prepared to support measures aimed at resolving international problems, including the phenomenon of illegal migration,” stressed Minister Witold Waszczykowski. During his visit to Poland, the chief of Sudanese diplomacy will meet with the minister of maritime economy and inland waterways, undersecretaries of state in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of National Defence and the head of the Office for Foreigners.

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