4 killed, 6 wounded in Cueibet revenge attacks

At least four people have been killed and six others wounded in inter-communal revenge attacks between youths of the Waat and Panyar sections of Pagor and Duony Payams in Cueibet County of Lakes State.
The multiple incidents of counter revenge attacks, according to police, occurred in the remote areas of Pulchum, Yaidhiot, and Guljak of Pagor and Duony Payams of Cueibet County on Saturday and Monday respectively.
Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Monday, the acting commissioner of police in Cueibet town, Colonel Machar Muorwel, said the armed youths hunted each other at night, killing four people and wounding six between the two sections of Panyar and Waat sections of Gok community of Pagor and Duony Payams.
“My message to the national government in Juba is to intervene by sending enough disarmament forces to disarm all the civil population in the state. This is the only option and solution to the cycle of revenge killings, cattle raiding, and inter-communal hostilities in the Lakes State,” Colonel Machar said.
Colonel Machar said there was a brief period of calm in the Gok community when the peace and reconciliation committee went to Cueibet town but that when they left the cycle of revenge killing and tension resumed.
“When peace and reconciliation committee appointed by the governor of Lakes State was in Cueibet town preaching peace and reconciliation messages among the sections of Gok community, some little peace and stability was realized but after they left the cycle of revenge attacked and cattle resumed immediately in Cueibet,” Col. Machar explained.
The acting police commissioner said the attacks are motivated by revenge and occur in remote areas and wetlands (Toch) where the youth graze cattle during the dry season.
He said roads connecting Cueibet-Rumbek and Cueibet-Tonj are safe momentarily.
“The movements of people on the road connecting Cueibet County with the rest of neighbouring counties of Rumbek and Tonj is free. There are no road ambushes reported to the police,” Col. Machar reported.

Source: Radio Tamazuj