2 killed over land dispute between Jonglei and Eastern Lakes

At least two people were killed and five others injured in a clash over a land dispute between two viral communities from Jonglei and Eastern Lakes states on Monday, a local official said.

Taban Abel, Information Minister in Eastern Lakes, told Radio Tamazuj Wednesday that fighting erupted between Ajuong community in Jonglei and Ciec community in Eastern Lakes over a dispute about the ownership of Liet-Buoy area.

The state minister said there had been a longstanding dispute between the two communities over the ownership of Liet-Buoi, a swampy area between Jonglei and Eastern Lakes.

Abel accused members of the Ajuong community in Jonglei of attacking Ciec community in Malek County of Eastern Lakes state. He added that the attack triggered a clash between the two groups.

Actually there was an agreement reached by the two communities at Dhiam-Dhiam area last month. The two sides agreed to deploy police forces in the area of Liet-Buoy to avoid conflicts, but the police deployed in the area were outnumbered by the attackers, he said.

He claimed the area in dispute belongs to their state.

Abel said the clash left two persons dead on the spot and five others injured. Two people died from both sides and five people from Jonglei sustained injuries, he explained.

After a couple of hours, Abel said, the situation was under control, after the police intervened. More police forces have been deployed in the area to handle the situation, he said.

Government officials in Jonglei state could not be reached for comment.

The Jonglei and Eastern Lakes regions have suffered decades of communal violence, mainly caused by rivalry over grazing land and livestock.

Source: Radio Tamazuj

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