2 killed, 1 wounded in attack on Rumbek Centre cattle camp

Police in Rumbek Centre County of Lakes State confirmed two people have been killed and one wounded in an intercommunal attack carried out by unknown gunmen.
The incident occurred at night while people were asleep in Gan cattle camp last Thursday.
The police spokesperson in Rumbek town, Captain Elijah Mabor Makuac, told Radio Tamazuj that the suspects who attacked Gan cattle camp are not known by the security forces.
“There was indeed a report of the killing of two people and one critically wounded in Gan last night which was brought to us,” Captain Mabor said. “The gunmen who killed two and wounded one person ran away because we could send forces there.”
According to Captain Mabor, the security forces could not manage to go to the scene on the night of the attack because they were deployed in the town to provide security during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. He added that the area was also inaccessible because of wetlands.
Captain Mabor said the security situation within the State capital during the festivities was stable.
“No major serious crimes are being committed except on Wednesday when a group of youth clashed injuring two people and also another traffic report where a motorcycle and bicycle collided causing injuries to one of the motorists,” Captain Mabor said.
The police spokesman said there is a vice of teenagers involved in excessive drinking of alcohol which makes them violent and fight themselves at night.
“In the Akuac residential area inside Rumbek town, there were people beaten by gangs but there were no serious injuries,” Mabor said.

Source: Radio Tamazuj