15 arrests at North Kordofan protest

Military Intelligence (MI) agents in Delling in South Kordofan arrested about 15 people and took them to the military garrison on Wednesday.

Activists told Radio Dabanga from Delling that yesterday a group of youths carried out a protest in the centre and raised banners calling for freedom and change.

The supporters of the Declaration of Freedom and Change forces pointed out that an MI force in three vehicles confronted the demonstrators with excessive violence using batons and kicking with military boots before taking them to the military garrison, then the force returned to the gathering place and arrested three of the leaders, among them Mohamed Mekki Torshein, took them to the military garrison where the total number of detainees reached about 15 people.

The sources expressed their condemnation and rejection of this behaviour, describing it as an unsuccessful step

Water shortage

Separately, the youth group carried out a protest march in Delling on Wednesday demanding the solution for the acute shortage of water of the district.

The march was launched from El Redeef district in the southwestern part of the town and headed to the locality offices where the protesters handed the executive director a memorandum demanding a solution to the water problem in the district.

On Wednesday, supporters of the Declaration of Freedom and Change in Ed Damazin, capital of Blue Nile state, marched to the sit-in square in front of the town's army command in support of the Khartoum sit-in.

Activists in El Damazin told Radio Dabanga that the march was carried out on behalf of the disabled group that arrived to the sit-in in front of the military command in Ed Damazin at 1 pm on Wednesday.

The protesters insisted that they remain in the sit-in to achieve their full demands, foremost of which is to hand over power to the civilian government.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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