14 Sudanese wounded in new attack by armed forces

(KHARTOUM) - At least 14 people were injured by the security forces which opened fire on dozens of demonstrators in a street leading to the sit-in area outside the Sudanese army headquarters on Wednesday.

Further, after the attack, the military council postponed a scheduled meeting between them and the forces of freedom and change to resolve the last sticking points to the handover of power to a civilian government.

Eyewitnesses told Sudan Tribune that the assailants who likely belong to the Rapid Support Forces (SRF) tried to remove the roadblocks from the Republic Street leading to the army headquarters.

The troops fired live ammunition on the protesters who objected to the attempt to open the road and remove the barriers.

The Sudanese Doctors' Committee issued an urgent appeal to doctors to go to field clinics to treat the wounded.

Also, they published the names of 14 people some of them wounded by bullets and others beaten by the security forces.

The attack was the second in 24 hours. Eight protesters were killed on Tuesday night and at least 100 were wounded by assailants that the military council described as infiltrators.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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