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Day: March 18, 2023

MENA Pakistan Press Releases

Ali Aboutaam Presents One of the Most Important Early Greek Coins in Existence

Exhibition is on display at 6, rue Verdaine, Geneva, Switzerland. GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / March 17, 2023 / Classical masterpieces are on display by Ali Aboutaam of Phoenix Ancient Art at its main gallery, which is located in the center of Geneva’s old town. He is showcasing a variety of antiquities that combine artistic […]

Africa Press Releases South Africa

A Curia nomeia Philip Macnabb como Diretor Geral

ALBANY, N.Y., March 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A Curia, uma organização líder contratual em pesquisa, desenvolvimento e fabricação, anunciou hoje que Philip Macnabb foi nomeado como Diretor Geral, sucedendo John Ratliff. “Em nome do Conselho de Administração, agradecemos John Ratliff pelo tremendo progresso que a Curia fez durante seu mandato”, disse Sean Cunningham, Diretor […]

Africa Press Releases South Africa

Curia désigne Philip Macnabb au poste de président-directeur général

ALBANY, N.Y., 18 mars 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Curia, une organisation de recherche, développement et fabrication en sous-traitance de premier plan, a annoncé aujourd’hui que Philip Macnabb avait été nommé président-directeur général, succédant ainsi à John Ratliff. « Au nom du conseil d’administration, nous remercions John Ratliff pour les progrès prodigieux réalisés par Curia sous sa […]


Al Basar International Foundation Providing Free Eye Treatment Service at Alert Hospital

Addis Ababa March 18/2023 /ENA/ Al Basar International Foundation launched a volunteer service program to provide free eye check-up and cataract surgery at Alert Hospital.Some 10, 000 residents are expected to benefit from physical examination of eye t…


Americans Stress for Robust Relationship Between US, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa March 18/2023 (ENA)The United States and Ethiopia need to have robust bilateral relationships between them, two Americans told ENA.The American political and economic analyst Lawrence Freeman and fellow American journalist Hammond underscor…


FAO Provides Support to 4m People in East Africa

Addis Ababa March 18/2023 /ENA/ The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has reached out to 4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in east Africa but the gap remains huge, FAO Representative to Eastern Africa and AU Chimimba David Ph…


New Book Authored by PM Abiy Launched

Addis Ababa March 18/2023 /ENA/ “Generation Medemer”, a third series of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s book, was launched today.Abiy has previously published two books titled “Medemer” and “Medemer Journey.”This latest series, “Generation Medemer”, is pub…